The 8 Best Car Brands of 2020

When you start shopping for a car, you want to know what your “best” options are. The problem is, different people and companies define “best” in various ways.

  • Are you looking for the fanciest car?
  • The most high-tech?
  • The fastest?
  • The safest?

At the end of the day, what we think most people want is a car they can trust. That’s why we wanted to talk about eight of the best, most reliable car brands of 2020. These are companies that you can trust to provide you with a ride that will get you where you’re going.

Before you begin shopping for new or used cars in Albuquerque, take a minute to peruse the following information. You’ll learn about some of the most popular brands, as well as what makes them top choices among modern-day consumers.

1) Toyota



If there’s a brand name out there that instantly makes people feel safe, it’s Toyota. It is the only car brand that ranks high in terms of both market share and overall owner satisfaction. When people buy a Toyota (either new or used), they experience durability, longevity, and very few problems.

The only other brand that really rivals Toyota in terms of dependability is Lexus, which is actually owned and manufactured by Toyota. Toyota clearly prioritizes quality and safety in all of the vehicles it manufactures, and as a result, people often recommend the brand for its reliability. Many drivers would attest that Toyota offers some of the most reliable used cars under $20,000!

“Toyota and Lexus are really kind of in another realm compared to the other automakers,” Jake Fisher, Consumer Reports’ director of auto testing, said at an Automotive Press Association event in Detroit in 2018.

Furthermore, Toyota topped the Consumer Reports list for the best large, midsized, and subcompact vehicles of 2019.

See Toyota on Consumer Reports.

2) Nissan



Ever heard someone tell you that Japanese cars are the most reliable cars? That’s because many of the top brands are usually produced there. Nissan is one of those Japanese brands that has seriously impressed drivers of both new and pre-owned cars around the world.

Although it might not be the most popular car brand on the road, Nissan received the J.D. Power award for dependability and performance in 2019. The brand has established a very positive reputation, and although it might not be the most luxurious auto manufacturer, people trust it!

One thing consumers really appreciate about Nissan is its affordability. This brand offers some of the best used midsize sedans under $20,000.

The vehicles are just as reliable as many more expensive cars on the road (even the pre-owned Nissan cars), which means people don’t need to buy a luxury brand in order to afford vehicle longevity. Nissan uses top-notch technology to ensure that every driver has a safe, reliable ride at all times.

See Nissan on Consumer Reports.

3) Chevrolet



As the third-largest selling auto brand after Toyota and Ford, GM’s Chevrolet has been doing quite well in recent years. This is partially due to its manufacturing of vehicles like trucks, the Camaro, and of course, the Corvette – popular sports cars with decent reliability statistics.

When most people think of Chevy, they likely think of sports cars or SUVs. And many of their sports cars rate quite highly – in fact, the 2020 Corvette was named The Car of the Year.

However, the brand offers a wide variety of vehicles, which makes it popular with a large group of consumers. The brand has also recently released hybrid cars that have done fairly well with the public. Whether you’re looking for Chevrolet used cars or new, need to tow a boat, or save money on gas, there’s a Chevy vehicle that can help you with your goals!

And if you need another reason to consider a Chevy, remember that it received three separate J.D. Power awards for dependability, as well as one for performance.

See Chevrolet on Consumer Reports.

4) Ford



When it comes to reliability, you can usually find Ford listed towards the top of the list with brands like Toyota and Honda. This is one brand that drivers are extremely loyal to. Once you own a Ford, you’re much more likely to buy a Ford again in the future. That has to say something about the brand!

Furthermore, Ford received the most J.D. Power awards, especially for their pickup trucks and SUVs.

Ford is a very American brand – it started here at home a long, long time ago. It became one of the country’s top-selling auto brands and has remained popular throughout the decades. For instance, the Ford Ranger has long been in the running as the best car for handyman work!

In recent years, Ford has announced that it will cut back on the number of cars it produces to focus more on creating pickup trucks and SUVs. These are their strongest products known for their absorbent ride, solid feel, and great handling.

Whether you need a new or pre-owned Ford, there are plenty of good options to choose from!

See Ford on Consumer Reports.

5) Lexus



Long-considered one of the best auto brands in the United States, Lexus has frequently been ranked highly by Consumer Reports. The brand is highly recognized for its reliability and dependability. When asked which car brand they trust the most, many Americans would say Lexus without a doubt.

In fact, Lexus has won the “Most Dependable Car Brand” title for the last eight years in a row. As the luxury division of Toyota, Lexus is just as reliable as its parent brand (if not more so) but more stylish and preferable to many.

One thing to consider is that if your Lexus does break, it can be expensive to fix. However, that’s not a huge concern – considering the fact that it’s one of the most reliable car manufacturers in the entire world. The chances of encountering a big problem with your used or new Lexus are relatively slim. Additionally, given how many people drive these vehicles, finding replacement parts from pre-owned Lexus cars isn’t usually a big issue.

See Lexus on Consumer Reports.

6) Dodge



Although Dodge’s satisfaction reviews decreased during 2018, some of the brand’s vehicles certainly score better than others. Dodge received J.D.Power awards for quality, dependability, and performance in 2019.

Dodge was rated as the eighth most reliable car brand according to consumer rankings, leaving it in the middle of the pack when compared with other SUV and truck manufacturers. However, many drivers praise the quality they get with certified pre-owned Dodge trucks! The Dodge Ram also received the 2020 Truck of the Year award from Motor Trend.

Before purchasing any Dodge, do your research to determine which of the different models best fits your needs. Because reliability varies between the models so much, you’ll need to focus on specific models – rather than on Dodge as a brand.

See Dodge on Consumer Reports.

7) Honda


Besides Toyota and Lexus, you won’t hear a brand praised much more than Honda when it comes to reliability and safety. The brand’s trustworthy reputation precedes it in many cases, and although its Consumer Reliability scores have dropped some in the past year, Honda is still a highly respected auto manufacturer.

Honda is an especially popular brand among used car shoppers simply because the vehicles last so long – making pre-owned Hondas a hot commodity! Even if a Honda already has tens of thousands of miles on it, it can still be a reliable ride. Furthermore, Honda has consistently received awards for multiple models, including Top Safety Picks and Kelly Blue Book Best Buy awards.

Honda is a relatively affordable brand, making it an excellent choice for students and families. You get great reliability for a fair price.

See Honda on Consumer Reports.

8) GMC



If you thought about buying a Chevrolet SUV or truck, then decided you wanted something a bit more high-end, you probably ended up considering a GMC vehicle. These are typically more expensive than a Chevy, but people prefer their “professional grade” styles and capabilities. The brand even received a J.D. Power performance award in 2019.

Trucks are typically the core product of the GMC brand, like Ford and Chevrolet. It all depends on how much you’re willing to pay and what kind of vehicle you’re looking for. The good news is you can get a great value at a good price when shopping for used GMC vehicles!

See GMC on Consumer Reports.

In Conclusion

As you can see, most of the auto manufacturers are popular for a reason: they produce vehicles that people feel they can trust. Some are certainly more reliable than others, but at the end of the day, your decision will depend on what you prioritize.

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