Steps to Sell Your Used Car Online in Albuquerque

If you’ve never sold a car before, it can be a tricky process to begin, especially when your car is older or has problems. Fortunately, the professionals at NM Auto Exchange are experts at understanding how to best sell used cars in Albuquerque safely and quickly. 

Here are the steps to take if you’re hoping to sell your car in the nearby areas – without spending too much on advertisements, repairs, or hiccups. 

Step 1: Get Everything in Order 

When an interested buyer shows up to see the car for sale, they don’t just want to learn about the vehicle – they want to see proof that you own it and that been taken care of. 

Therefore, you’ll need to have ALL the used car paperwork on hand that indicates you have the right to sell the car and what you’re telling them is true. 

Before even posting an ad for your used car online, ensure that you have the following documents on hand: 

  • Your car’s real title 
  • Paperwork for the legal transfer of ownership 
  • A bill of sale if necessary 
  • A vehicle history report 

Remember: if you’re still paying a loan on your vehicle, you’ll need to contact your lender to figure out how the selling process will work. They may need to arrange the sale in certain scenarios. 

Step 2: Determine What Your Asking Price Should Be

The number one activity conducted online by car shoppers is researching car prices. People want to know they’re getting a fair deal, and they’re going to go into any sale armed with information on used car pricing. 

Therefore, to sell a used car, you’ll need to price it fairly and accurately. Use a website like Kelley Blue Book to come up with an accurate ballpark. Then, consider what kind of negotiations you’ll encounter. How much wiggle room do you have, and where do you draw the line at the lowest price? 

Step 3: Make Your Car Sellable 

Although mileage, reliability, and cost are some of the most important factors for most people trying to buy and sell used cars, the curb appeal of your vehicle does matter. 

  • Is the paint super chipped? 
  • Have you vacuumed up all the crumbs and dirt? 
  • What about the windows? 
  • Are they smeared with fingerprints? 

The more appealing you can make the appearance of your car; the more likely people will be to meet you at your asking price quickly. Additionally, you’ll be able to take better pictures to post online when you begin the process of selling a used vehicle. 

Step 4: Advertise in the Right Places

Although you could just slap an ad for your used car on Craigslist or Facebook marketplace, that might not be enough to get your vehicle in front of the right eyes. Don’t just rely on social media – turn to wider forms of distribution, like magazines coupled with online ads.

NM Auto Exchange has been recognized as the prime method of advertising used cars for sale in Albuquerque. Our automobile magazine has the largest distribution in the state, and we post our cars online, which means you can reach more potential buyers. 

Additionally, our services aren’t just a list of vehicle advertisements – we help match real buyers with reliable sellers (like you) quickly and safely. Our goal is to make both the buying and selling process as painless as possible.

Step 5: Learn How to Close the Deal 

When a viable buyer arrives, do everything you can to instill trust in them. Allow for a safe test drive and be open about the state of the vehicle. When negotiations begin, go slowly – repeat numbers and make sure all of the figures are totally clear. 

Before you strike any deal, confirm how the buyer will be paying. You should really only accept a cashier’s check or cash – no Venmo requests here. You want to walk away from the sale with the final payment in hand, ready to deposit.

As you finalize the sale, pull out the paperwork and ensure that all of the necessary pieces are signed. Keep in mind that you’ll need to notify your state department of the sale. 

In Conclusion 

Selling a vehicle online can be a stressful process, but following these steps and covering all of your bases can help you strike a sale that you (and the buyer) feel good about. After that, it’s just a matter of canceling your auto insurance policy and beginning the exciting hunt for a new car. 

Need help reaching more potential buyers? 

Let NM Auto Exchange take your vehicle and put it in front of valuable buyers throughout the state, from Socorro to Española. We’ll make it simple for real customers to find and test drive your vehicle – then hopefully purchase it! 

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